Blue Mountain enhance employee well-being with spiritual commemoration of Poson

Leading real estate giant, the Blue Mountain Group recently conducted a Sil programme to commemorate the occasion of Poson Poya Day. The programme was conducted by employees from across the group, and took place at Kelaniya Rajahama Viharaya for the second consecutive year. Blue Mountain has five HR pillars that focus on bettering the physical, mental, spiritual, financial and social well-being of employees through community engagement initiatives as well as advanced training and development. The Sil programme brought together employees from Blue Mountain offices across the country, and provided them with an opportunity to conduct religious observances together. The programme also highlighted the company’s commitment to enhancing the spiritual habits and values of employees as well as its dedication to impact communities and society at large.

Blue Mountain is renowned as one of the country’s most trusted and reliable real estate companies and has diversified operations that extend across the areas of land sales, apartment developments and construction.