Blue Mountain Group reinforces its commitment to the planet with new national reforestation project – ‘Sustaining Lives in a Greener Sri Lanka’

The Blue Mountain Group (BMG) recently reiterated its commitment to protecting the planet and spearheading national reforestation efforts by initiating the ‘Sustaining Lives in a Greener Sri Lanka’ project. Conceptualized by BMG as part of its long-term efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen, the project will be conducted in partnership with the Forest Department of Sri Lanka to ensure the reforestation of 125 acres of land in Wilpotha over the next ten years.

The project will have a multitude of environmental benefits whilst ensuring effective biodiversity conservation and habitat management on a large scale in key forest zones. The initiative will also support eco-tourism, and will attract more travellers to the Wilpotha Reserve, who will be able to see a rich variety of plants, wildlife and birds due to the continued protection of their natural habitat. Additionally, the project will also play a significant role in contributing to national carbon sequestration efforts, which are part of a long-term plan to reduce the country’s overall carbon footprint.