Blue Mountain achieves record breaking revenue of 660 million in a single month!

Since the beginning of its adventures in 2010, Blue Mountain – the land company has risen to record breaking heights. In just 5 years, Blue Mountain has introduced new trends to the market, reached the pinnacle of innovation & marked its signature among the fastest growing groups of companies in Sri Lanka.

No one buys a land in hurry. Anyone who has ever attempted to buy or sell one, knows that at best it takes months. Blue Mountain hasbroken this time tested rule with its newest ventures. Their latest land project in Thalawathugoda was sold out in a single day. TheBolgoda land was sold out within just 16 hours!

The secret to BM’s miraculous success, lies in the immense effort they go through to find the most convenient locations & groom them to meet the customers’ innermost desires.

Sending the message across to their target audience, is another art Blue Mountain has mastered. Their recent project in Thalawathugoda was named “Serratus Anterior” to depict strength & support. This creative usage of a medical term was ideal to capture the upper market & the powerful tagline they had used, even received international recognition.

This February, Blue Mountain marked yet another milestone in its journey & in the sphere of real estate in Sri Lanka, by achieving 660 million LKR of sales revenue within just a single month – February 2015. According to industry analysts, this could be the highest revenue per month achieved in the history of land sales in Sri Lanka.

The man who had the vision to lead this extraordinary venture, the chairman of the company, Dr. Hiran Hettiarachchi says “This remarkable achievement is the fruit of intellectual insight, creativity & hard work of all the members of our incredible staff!” This diverse group of talented individuals, are now busy planning a unique apartment project with its international counterpart. The upcoming project is eagerly anticipated as it is to becrowned as the first of its kind.

With all that Blue Mountain has accomplished within just half a decade, the company has truly proven that to them, nothing’s really impossible. It’s this notion that drives them towards new challenges, each more daunting & astounding than the previous. And today, with a network that has successfully expanded overseas to Australia, the Blue Mountain Group is competing with global giants.