Global Operations

Australian Operations

In order to capitalise on the massive potential of Australia’s real estate industry, Blue Mountain Properties successfully expanded its operations to Australia by establishing its first overseas branch, Blue Mountain Properties Australia Limited in Melbourne, Australia. A joint venture with a renowned real estate company in Australia, Blue Mountain Properties Australia Limited has already launched several land development plans and construction projects in Victoria.

Australia boasts of one of the largest economies in the Asia Pacific region after Japan, China and Korea. As China’s largest trading partner, the country creates a vast number of career and investment prospects. On average, its economy has grown by approximately 3.3% per annum since 1990. The country boasts of having one of the most elegant, sophisticated and most affordable lifestyles in the world with a low cost of living, extensive healthcare benefits as well as one of the best educational and social systems in the world. Australia also offers a huge land mass (that’s 105 times larger than Sri Lanka) as well.

All these make Australia a fascinating prospect that is highly conducive for real estate investment and development. In a background such as this, the launching of Blue Mountain Properties Australia Limited is indeed a masterstroke – a timely decision which is sure to yield rich benefits for the Australian customer and the Blue Mountain Group.